Off to Stuttgart

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Late last week a Digi beta of my film was sent off to Kevin Franklin the curator running the programme ‘Birds,Beasts and Bugs’ in Dresden. The same curator is also including my film as part of two programmes at Stuttgart this year. My film will appear in both programmes, ‘Down On The Farm’  and ‘Animal;Mineral.Vegetable’. Two talented friends of mine, Luiz and Ben will also have their films shown.

So In light of this news here’s Moment a short ident by Verena Fels and Csaba Letay.

I saw this way back in 2008, before I was studying animation.


Off to the park at Dresden film fest

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A while back now I was told that Off to the park will be screened at Dresden film festival next month.

So far I haven’t heard much about the programme only that it’s called ‘Birds,Beasts and Bugs’ and will host a selection of British short films. Peter Millard’s Custard and Ben Cady’s The Goat and The Well will also be shown in this programme.

This is pretty exciting stuff as it will be the first screening outside of the UK !

Hopefully I can get the time off work to attend for a few days.

Off to the Park at Animated Encounters

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In November my film had its first festival screening at Animated Encounters in Bristol. I was working at the time so I could only visit for a few days but I managed to make the screening.

I have to say that watching your film on a cinema screen with an audience sitting behind you is a pretty strange experience, amazing but very strange. There was a high standard of  films in the category. Including a couple of Aardman shorts and The BAFTA award wining film Mother of Many by Emma Lazenby.  Two friends of mine Ben Cady And Paul Mcnulty who graduated from Newport with me had their amazing films shown aswell.

All in all it went very well and people seemed to really like the film.

I found out later on from some of the festival organiser that our category was one of the most popular of the festival.

Passed the first round of the NYINCFF

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On Sunday the 14th I received another e-mail from New York saying that my film made the first cut of the festival. This was fantastic news, considering (as said in the e-mail) 2,500 people submit their films each year and only 300-400 get through the first stage. I find out early December if im in or not but just to get this far feels good, I’ll continue entering festivals in the mean time.

Moo business cards arrived.

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So yesterday my business cards from  Moo arrived, I’ve kept my original design this time, but chosen the glossy option instead of the eco green. (little cheaper and better suited for the design)

Moo is by far the best place to get business cards, very quick and easy to use. check them out here:


P.S excuse the bad photo, lighting’s rubbish in my room.

Submission request from NYICFF

•November 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

12 days ago I received a submission request e-mail from the New York international children’s film festival. They said that they had researched my film and would like me to send a DVD screener as soon as possible. So with only a few days to send it, I stayed late at work to get the DVD burned and printed, filled out the form and Fed exed it all to New York the next morning.

Digibeta transfer

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A few weeks ago I had to transfer my film onto digibeta. I was lucky enough to be able to do this at work with the help of stu in AV. I was glad that stu was there to help as the first file I gave him came out cropped. (Pan and Scan for you AV geeks) We re-exported it using apple HQ Pro res codec to fix the problem.

The above image is a quick watch through before it’s sent of to Bristol.