Off To The Park In Animated Encounters!

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Just as I was getting into working life I received an e-mail from Skill Set informing me that my film Off To the Park has been accepted into Bristol encounters film festival. This was great news and since then I’ve been sending off the relevant details and transferring my film on to digi beta, which was an awesome experience in itself!

I’ve left a couple of links to festival below, if you want to see my film again i’ve linked it above, although you’ll need a password so feel free to e-mail me at

and i’ll let you know what it is.

Encounters Film Festival

Best of South West programme



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Hello, so I just looked at my blog and my last post was about five months ago. But I promise you I have been busy since then, and honestly I’m terrible at keeping this up to date when I’m busy.

So a lot has happened since my last post. Firstly after coming back from Annecy I handed my CV out to several places and was lucky enough to get a response fairly quickly, long story short  I am now a designer for a pretty big DVD/blu-ray authoring company called Deluxe Digital Studios, based in Soho London. I’m working in the graphics department, as part of a team of three designers.

I’m coming into my fourth month working there now and it’s been very enjoyable, I won’t say exactly what I’ve worked on because honestly I’m not sure if I’m allowed to or not, but I will say they’re pretty big titles and it has allowed me room for creativity.

If you’re interested to find out more about DDS here’s link to their site:

Annecy 10

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Newporters and David Silverman

My last year at Annecy  as a newport student was an interesting one. It was a bit of a slow start as most of the screenings we went to were pretty dull but it picked up towards the end. On the last thursday we went for a picnic with a lot off interesting people, including Simpsons movie Director David Silverman. And had rounders and pedalo tournament all organised by Joanna Quinn.

The film I walked away remembering was a Japanese graduation film  called  WAKARANAI BUTA (in the pig’s eye) by Atsushi Wada.

My Film

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So here’s the Film! Im off to Annecy for a week and i’ve decided to upload my film while i’ m gone. I hope you like it, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail to the following address: Enjoy! 😀

To watch it in widescreen click the link below:


The film is now password protected. If you would like to watch it, please e-mail me at:

Exhibition week

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Last friday we opened the doors to our exhibition in Bristol Centrespace gallery. It was very manic trying to set everything up but we managed to do it 5 minutes before the 6pm opening. Several people showed up and seemed to have a pretty good time, so all of us exhibiting were on a bit of a high after the first night. It’s been open to the public for five days now with the last day tomorrow being a private viewing for friends and anyone who’s been invited. Exhibiting my work for the first time been pretty amazing and the response to my film has been very positive so far. 😀

film 98% complete

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So after the work experience, i worked on my  dissertation up until March and in April I moved into a friends living room where we both worked on our films for just over a month. Its now coming to the end of May and the film is finished, well mostly. It has been well received after screening it a few times, but there’s a few things that I would personally like to change, for personal and festival purpose. This i will do in the weeks to come before I fly off to this years Annecy animation festival.

Here’s one of the final shots from my film ‘Off to the park’

So it’s been awhile…

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Since my last post i’ve been rather busy. After Christmas I spent some time working on a project for Nike for Holbrooks animation in Newport. I was given a 3D scene to animate where two girls are celebrating after their team scores in basketball. I’ve wanted to get back into maya so i’m pretty glad I was given this opportunity. I also did some After Effects puppet animation, animated some transitional mattes and of course lots and lots of matte painting.

The company Holbrooks was set up by two Newport graduates Tom Brown and Daniel Grey, they were signed by the American animation studio Blacklist after the huge success of the graduation film T.O.M.

Below is the Nike project i was involved in.